AllQuip Polyester Round Slings

Allquip Soft Slings

AllQuip Polyester Round Slings are a continuously wound hank of 100% polyester yarn. This hank is protected by a polyester tubular cover. The outer sleeve is non-load bearing.

The round sling flattens in use to provide a secure grip on the load. Because load contact points can be changed with every lift, wear is evenly distributed, prolonging the life of the sling. For further protection against abrasion and cutting, additional wear sleeves can be used.

AllQuip Polyester Round Slings are:

  • Ideal for choke lifting cylindrical objects.
  • Lift smooth objects without any damage.
  • Lift polished objects.
  • Wear evenly along their length for greater working life.
  • Have a wide choice of lifting modes and have even used for towing.
  • Have a high strength to weight ratio.

 Easy to use, efficient in operation and gentle on surface contact, as well as very low cost compared to most types of slings.

AllQuip Round Slings are made to EN 1492-2:2000 and have a 7:1 safety factor.
The cover is colour coded and also has stripes to assist you in choosing the correct sling for your job.

1000 Violet 1
2000 Green 2
3000 Yellow 3
4000 Grey 4
5000 Red 5
6000 Blue 6
8000 Brown 8
10,000 and over Orange


Before using AllQuip Round Slings, we recommend that you print our Round Sling W.L.L. chart

Click here to view or print the ALLQUIP ROUND SLING W.L.L. CHART

We also recommend that you read “Testing Services Guide to the Care and Safe Use of Round Slings”

To check standard stock sizes and lengths CLICK HERE