Chain Slings from AllQuip

 chain slings

Chain slings can be used when operating under conditions that would abrade or destroy other types of slings.

They are flexible and durable, They are long lasting, ductile, and  easy to inspect. They are collapsible for convenient storage, and will adhere to the contours of a load.

Chain shows no stretch at its rated capacity, but it does elongate before failure. This elongation is a visual warning sign. Stretched slings should be removed from service before injury or damage is sustained from a broken chain sling.

Perhaps the most advantageous feature of a chain sling is its ability to be repaired. Nearly any damage discovered during an inspection can be repaired and the sling restored to useful condition. During the repair process, slings will be refurbished, proof tested and re-certified, offering an economical alternative to new chain sling replacements.

AllQuip carries a range of Grade 8 (80) and Grade 10 (100) and our Chain Slings can be assembled to your specific requirements. Assemblies can be single, two, three or four legged.

The mode charts on the following page will help you choose the size for your sling.


Chain sling assemblies commonly involve the following components

  • master link
  • joiners or connecting links
  • shorteners or adjusters
  • chain
  • bottom hooks

Here is a representation of some common configurations.

chain slings chain slings chain slings chain slings
chain slings  chain slings 3 and 4 leg slings are also frequently supplied as adjustable slings


When you order, we are happy for you to specify some or all of the chain and components you require – or for you to provide us with the necessary information on the load(s) you intend to lift and let us provide you with the most suitable sling.

Dimensions and specifications on chain and components can be obtained by clicking on the links below.

Grade 80 chain slings


Grade 100 chain slings


Miscellaneous Alloy Fittings